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How to take Merpass sight? (orals)

How to take merpass sight-

we will solve this question as an oral question-

  • First, we need to find out the approximate merpass time in SMT by using Almanac.

  • Once we Have the SMT timings we will be ready at the observation position 10 minutes before and keep observing it with the sextant.

  • There will be a situation in which initially sun will keep increasing its altitude and once it reaches its highest altitude for that day sun's altitude will start decreasing slowly.

  • We need the exact highest altitude of that time when it starts coming down.

  • Note down the timings of that time and latitude and Longitude.

  • Use all above data to solve the merpass case as given in practical navigation.

NOTE- For more accuracy use stopwatch. It will give the exact time of the sight.

How to use a stopwatch?

  • First synchronized the clock with the known ship's time.

  • The exact time we get the merpass altitude stop it and calculate the time.

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