Oil Record Book - Part 1 and Part 2

Regulation 17 - Oil Record Book, Part I (Machinery space operations)

1 Every oil tanker of 150 gross tonnage and above and every ship of 400 gross tonnage and above other than an oil tanker shall be provided with an Oil Record Book Part I (Machinery space operations). The Oil Record Book, whether as a part of the ship’s official log-book or otherwise, shall be in the form specified in appendix III to this Annex.

2 The Oil Record Book Part I shall be completed on each occasion, on a tank-to-tank basis if appropriate, whenever any of the following machinery space operations takes place in the ship:

  1. ballasting or cleaning of oil fuel tanks;

  2. discharge of dirty ballast or cleaning water from oil fuel tanks;

  3. collection and disposal of oil residues (sludge and other oil residues);

  4. discharge overboard or disposal otherwise of bilge water which has accumulated in machinery spaces; and

  5. bunkering of fuel or bulk lubricating oil.

3 In the event of such discharge of oil or oily mixture as is referred to in regulation 4 of this Annex or in the event of accidental or other exceptional discharge of oil not excepted by that regulation, a statement shall be made in the Oil Record Book Part I of the circumstances of, and the reasons for, the discharge.