Sample of Ballast Water Management Plan

Updated: Jun 7

The Content of a ballast water management plan-

  1. Introduction: It should contain information about the relevant conventions.

  2. Ship Particulars: Particulars like length, beam, IMO number, ship’s name, flag, registry, gross tonnage, draft, total ballast capacity, and the international call sign.

  3. Purpose: It should explain the need for ballast water management and the importance of correct record keeping.

  4. Plans & drawings of the ballast system: It should consist of ballast tanks arrangement, ballast capacity plan, ballast water piping, and pumping arrangement, ballast pump capacities, installed ballast treatment systems, etc.

  5. Description of the ballast system: Description of the ballasting and de-ballasting system used onboard.

  6. Ballast water sampling points: It should have the list and the location of the sampling points.

  7. Safety restrictions: It should tell about the dangers of enclosed space entries, the danger of blocked air vents, and other safety instructions.

  8. Description of the methods used on board: It should explain in detail the method of ballast water exchange and treatments (in an emergency) used onboard.

  9. Methods of communication: It should contain guidelines to communicate with coastal authorities like AQIS in Australia.

  10. Duties of ballast water management officer: It must explain the duties and responsibilities of the ballast water management officer.

  11. Recording requirements: It will explain what all is to be recorded in the logbook.

  12. Crew training and familiarization: As this is a new requirement