Heavy Weather Precautions on Ship

When heavy weather is expected, the ship would roll, pitch, yaw, sway, surge and heave. This movement in six degrees of freedom would pose dangers of several kinds – structural stresses, rolling of the ship resulting in a shift of cargo, a shift of equipment, injury to persons, damage to property, etc.

Several precautions have to be taken to minimize such risk to the safety of the ship, injury to persons on board, damage to equipment and property, etc. The precautions would generally fall into a systematic pattern as described below:

On all types of ships:

Inform Master.

Inform Chief Officer.

Inform the Catering staff.

Inform Engine Room.

Secure all moveable equipment on the bridge.

Switch on ARPA and commence plotting.

Switch on navigation lights. Later on, clouds may result in partial darkness; rain and/or spray may result in a decrease of visibility.

Switch on the second steering motor also.

Try out a pneumatic whistle, electric klaxon, and ale foghorn.

Keep a record of all relevant actions/events in the Bridge Notebook.