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Liferaft Carriage Requirement Quick read (last update June 21)

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

LIferaft carriage criteria

  • one or more together with 100% capacity, easily transferable

  • 100% each side, if not easily transferable.

  • If freefall Lifeboat with 100% capacity, then Liferaft with 100% capacity on each side.

  • For ships less than 85m no use of lifeboat then liferaft 100% on each side, if easily transferable or Liferaft 150% on each side, if not easily transferable. A rescue boat that may also be used as a LIfeboat may be used for fulfilling this 150% criteria.

  • Additionally, 1 at the FWD if the length of AFT Lifeboat from FWD is more than 100m capacity not less than 6 persons. 1)100% on each side in cargo ships. 2)50% on each side in passenger ships.

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