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Marine Lifejacket requirements as per SOLAS

SOLAS CH.3 Regulation-7

Personal life-saving appliances

For Passenger and Cargo ships

2 Lifejackets

2.1 A lifejacket complying with the requirements of paragraph 2.2.1 or 2.2.2 of the Code shall be provided for every person onboard the ship and, in addition:

1. For passenger ships on voyages less than 24 h, a number of infant lifejackets equal to at least 2.5% of the number of passengers on board shall be provided;

2. For passenger ships on voyages 24 h or greater, infant lifejackets shall be provided for each infant on board;

3. A number of lifejackets suitable for children equal to at least 10% of the number of passengers on board shall be provided or such greater number as may be required to provide a lifejacket for each child;

4. A sufficient number of lifejackets shall be carried for persons on watch and for use at remotely located survival craft stations. The lifejackets carried for persons on watch should be stowed on the bridge, in the engine control room, and at any other manned watch station; and

5. If the adult lifejackets provided are not designed to fit persons weighing up to 140 kg and with a chest girth of up to 1,750 mm, a sufficient number of suitable accessories shall be available onboard to allow them to be secured to such persons.

2.2 Lifejackets shall be so placed as to be readily accessible and their position shall be plainly indicated. Where, due to the particular arrangements of the ship, the lifejackets provided in compliance with the requirements of paragraph 2.1 may become inaccessible, alternative provisions shall be made to the satisfaction of the Administration which may include an increase in the number of lifejackets to be carried.

2.3 The lifejackets used in totally enclosed lifeboats, except free-fall lifeboats, shall not impede entry into the lifeboat or seating, including operation of the seat belts in the lifeboat.

2.4 Lifejackets selected for free-fall lifeboats, and the manner in which they are carried or worn, shall not interfere with entry into the lifeboat, occupant safety, or operation of the lifeboat.


SOLAS CH.3 Reg. 32

Personal life-saving appliances

2 Lifejacket lights

2.1 This paragraph applies to all cargo ships.

2.2 On cargo ships, each lifejacket shall be fitted with a lifejacket light complying with the requirements of paragraph 2.2.3 of the Code.

2.3 Lights fitted on lifejackets onboard cargo ships prior to 1 July 1998 and not complying fully with paragraph 2.2.3 of the Code may be accepted by the Administration until the lifejacket light would normally be replaced or until the first periodical survey after 1 July 2001, whichever is the earliest.

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