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Segregation and separation of cargoes (Dry Cargo)

Different types of cargoes must be segregated, namely

- dangerous goods

- dry cargo

- wet cargo

- clean cargo

- dirty cargo

- delicate cargo

- valuable cargo, e.g. banknotes, personal effects

Various methods could involve stowing the cargoes in such a way so as they do not chemically react adversely with incompatible cargoes.

Some edible foodstuff/bulk cargo does not get tainted with a foul smell, some other

dirty bulk cargoes may spoil other clean cargoes such as machinery etc.

While carrying general cargo, a port of discharge must be borne in mind, keeping

cargo on upper decks/tween decks or upper layers for the first port of discharge

and the cargo in the bottom holds for later ports of discharge.

Adjacent parcels of cargo may be separated by either by separation cloth or

tarpaulins, or even marking packages in different color codes.

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