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Pre Arrival Procedure onboard Ship

  • Readiness of ship’s machinery and gear.

  • Controls testing – any defects should be rectified.

  • Anchors cleared and ready for use, mooring ropes on deck.

  • Obtain Coastal and local warnings as well as weather forecast.

  • Set up NAVTEX for the appropriate station.

  • Notice to engine room and crew at appropriate stages.

  • Booking of pilot.

  • Obtain berthing details and prospects.

  • Arrival draught calculation.

  • Tidal data particularly of high water.

  • Ship stability.

  • Passage plan finalised and bridge preparation, including set-up of navigational equipment.

  • Crew and passenger lists.

  • Declaration for health, customs and immigration.

  • Positive reporting by concerned departments regarding readiness.

  • Searches for stowaways, terrorist devices and contrabands.

These procedures will be elaborated in the SMS. Detailed checklists will be available on board to ensure that full procedures are followed and nothing has been missed out or no short cuts are being taken. On board the ship, it is the Master’s responsibility to ensure that all the requirements are complied with. Responsibility will have been delegated to heads of departments and key individuals on board ships.

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