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Which Test must be done before departure onboard ship? (updated June-20)

The following test must be done before departure onboard ship-

1. Controls are to be tested for about 1 or 2 hrs before sailing. If they are tested Close to the sailing time then, there might be very little time afterwords to resolve the issue if any detected and if they are done very early then there might be a possibility that issues or issues may arise in the future of during departure. To resolve these errors follow the following –

  • 1) Confirm timing with master

  • 2) Inform those timings to Engine Room

2. First thing first Syncrinised bridge and engine room clocks. And while doing this we automatically test the communication system with the engine room.

3. Test engine room and bridge telegraph during this also check auto recorder is functioning satisfactorily.

4. Once Engineer of watch is at steering gear flat -

  • 1)Check the communication Between the bridge and steering flat.

  • 2) Check Bridge heading and Steering flat gyro repeater headings are matching.

  • 3) Then using 2 steering motors, one at a time, test the rudder angle indicator on the bridge by turning the wheel at different positions and confirm the angle indicated on the bridge and actually at steering flat with EOW.

5. Maintain all the important entries in the bridge logbook and inform master about it.

6. The difference between gyro and magnetic compass is obtained and note down.

7. Synchronized All gyro repeaters and gyro error is obtained.

8. If any Gyro Erron then checked if it is been applied.

9. Check all navigational sound appliances such as whistle, siren, klaxon, etc by giving a very short blast on it.

10. Test navigational lights both main and emergency and Christmas tree lights and failure alarm is working.

11. Try out bridge lights, all equipment (gyro repeaters, ECDIS, RADAR, RPM indicator, Doppler log repeater, GPS repeater, All GMDSS equipment, etc) lights, and dimmer check if they are working satisfactorily or not.

12. Check the communication with FWD and AFT stations.

13. Ensure that power to the windlass is on and tried out and working satisfactorily.

14. Ensure that all Bridge electronic equipment are switched on.

15. The latest desire passage plan is running in ECDIS.

16. Ensure that all Charts for the Intended voyage are ready and in their required sequence.

17. Check the VHF communication. Channels are set on desire frequencies.

18. Check all GMDSS systems are functioning satisfactorily.

19. While Doing the tests above EOW will ask for the propeller clearance for engine try out. Insure with cargo watch officer that all moorings are tight, Gangway or accommodation ladder is clear from any obstructions, the propeller is clear from any obstructions and there are no boats near the ship, after confirming all above report back to EOW.

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