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Pre-departure Checklist for Vessel

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

The exact procedures to be followed prior to departure will vary with the ship type and her trading pattern. However, basic procedures will apply uniformly for every ship type. A number of things will have to be done and taken care of before departure. The significant ones being:

  • The watertight integrity of vessel.

  • The readiness of ship’s machinery and gear.

  • Availability of bunkers and stores for the voyage.

  • Controls testing – any defects should be rectified.

  • Crew availability and readiness.

  • Security of cargo and stores.

  • Booking of pilot and tugs.

  • Draught and freeboard.

  • Tidal data particularly of high water.

  • Ship stability.

  • Obtain NAVAREA, Coastal, and Local warnings as well as a weather forecast

  • Passage plan finalized and bridge preparation, including the set-up of navigational equipment.

  • Crew and passenger lists.

  • Positive reporting by concerned departments regarding readiness.

  • Searches for stowaways, terrorist devices, and contrabands.

  • Port clearance.

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Samuel Davies
Samuel Davies
01 avr. 2023

Thanks so so much your book is helping


Samuel Davies
Samuel Davies
01 avr. 2023

I will be happy if I can have you as my mentor and great

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